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There are actors and actresses that try to make an impression that they and every character they play are two different persons. Like, they wear the character at the set, then take it off and walk away. I don’t believe it. I believe that actor/actress plays a new version of themselves in every role. You can have wild imagination, change scenery, go from one extreme to another, it doesn’t matter, after all you’re playing a part of yourself. Everything else is bullshit.
Kristen Stewart (x)

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Can you write something with Rob facetiming with Kristen then gets interrupted by something then toddler TGC takes over? :)

Curled into the corner of the couch with Xander’s feet thrown over her lap, Kristen laughed at her husband’s ridiculousness.  After the day she had, seeing his face on her phone was making her feel better. 

“He locked himself in the car?”  Rob wheezed. 

Kristen groaned and cast a quick glance at her son who looked angelic as he slept.  “Yes and instead of unlocking the fucking door, he smashed his face against the window and stuck his tongue out at me!” 

Rob vibrated with laughter and shook his head.  “How did you get in?  Oh my God!  How many F bombs did you drop?  Were there any paparazzi around?” 

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Texts from true loves trump all things

Dear Maya
Time zones can be tricky but thank goodness for telephones that help us keep in touch even when we are miles or oceans apart. And have you EVER? Have you ever seen him look at his phone right in the middle of an event like that? Yet the second that number flashed across his screen a text trumped everything going on around him. Forget the rest. That text was all that mattered & I can only think of one person whose text would put that kind of smile on his face.

K: hey - know you won’t see this til later cuz you’re having soooo much fun at dinner but I love you
K: you better not be reading this right now
K seriously dude I know you felt your phone vibrate. If you’re reading this stop.
R: LY2 beautiful
K: Haaaa. LY more! knew you’d look. OK. Now put it up.
R: I love looking at you when you tell me to get it up
K: that’s NOT what I said and you know it!
R: It’s what you were thinking though & YOU know it! You have no idea how much I’m smiling!!!
K: haha yeah I can picture it ……one track mind. Now stop! People are prob looking at you. Go back to schmoozing. I’ll see you day after tomorrow. You can wait
R: You know I can’t ever wait. You’re too hot
K: Shut up! Ok I’m getting off
K: Getting off the phone. I know what you’re thinking. Text me after dinner
R: Fuck texting. I wanna be with you.
K: LOL. I wanna be with you more. I’ll call you before I go to bed. I love you baby.
R: I love you more but you don’t stay awake very long when you call that late
K: I know but that’s becuz yours is the last voice I want to hear before I fall asleep.

So sweet Maya While it’s certainly nicer to hear “sweet dreams” when you are lying next to someone it’s comforting to know you can still hear the voice that says it when they are more than a pillow away. It’s going to be OK.

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His love life is his real life.

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Lullabies & ABC’s
A for always B for believe
K for Kristen L for love M for mine
R for Rob S for song
T for text U for unbroken Y for yours

Dear Maya
I wrote the entire alphabet but too long to post. Still, you get the idea. Scandals & photos & ASSumptions & bullshit. Seems the good times are overlooked or questioned even when the good times are in plain sight. Oh well!! We know what is true. We also know how music can flood our hearts with happy feels & all we want is to share those feels with that special someone.

R: Hey loves
K: Hey baby. We miss you!
R: I miss you twice as much now.
Wish you had been at the concert
K: Me too. Your text made me smile.
You know how much I love that song. It’s my favorite memory. Still makes me cry
R: Don’t cry honey. My heart beat a little faster when they began to play it. Just wanted to hold you
K: Dude stop. You’re really going to make me cry now. Don’t need any more crying around here. Miss your lullabies.
R: You’ll hear them again soon. I know that was a quick trip. I’ll make it out to you
K: you mean make it up to me
R: no, make out
K: One track mind. I like it.
I see the red plaid out again. Haha.
R: I have no clothes
K: Only around me
R: Only around you
K:so what did you learn on Twitter today?
R: What makes you think I was on Twitter
K: Shut up. I know you were
R: Let’s see. I was at a concert texting one of my many girlfriends then I was in a car with a woman at a hotel. Some say Marcus was there but of course the woman was with me & not him because I am so handsome & sexy.
K: haha bullshit! Ok they got the handsome & sexy but don’t let it go to your head.
R: I’d like you to go to my head.
K: Stop!
R: Stop what?
K: I already miss you. Stop making me miss you harder.
R: you miss me harder? Couldn’t be harder than here
K: fuck! Gotta go
R: fuck! Gotta come
K: DUDE! You’re making me laugh. Work on those lullabies. I love you
R: I love you twice as much now
K: I love you twice as much now too

So sweet Maya there you go. Ignore the bad. It’s going to be OK

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Esquire (minus photos) EQUALS shit

Dear Maya
Our darling girl in Japan - signing her name for adoring fans & sending signs to someone she misses who adores her even more!
K: Hey dude I fucking miss you
R: Hey pumpkin! I miss both of you
K: Both of us?
R: You & my pumpkin
K: what so there’s 2 of me?
R: well you were my pumpkin but now you look like a Runaways pumpkin with your new hair so I miss both of my pumpkins
K: lol! whatever dude! we miss you too. You’re missing great sushi!
R: I’m hungry for sushi & youshi
K: Baby are you making up words again?
R: well YOUSHI is sure as bloody hell more believable than shit some people want to make up & write about me
K: dude! Don’t believe everything people write about you! I don’t!
R: I know.That’s why I love you
K: that’s the only reason?
R: If I say the other reasons then you’ll ask me if that’s all I think about
K: Like what?
R: Gotcha! You want me to say it!
K: So what if I do? Are you playing hard to get?
R: Don’t tease me! Grrrrr
K: but you’re fun to tease baby!
R: Will you tease me when I get there?
K: Really?? You’re coming?
R: Is that a trick question? Don’t I always? Is that ALL you think about?
K: Haha. Touché. Yeah right now that’s what I’m thinking about. I miss you. Sad face. I can’t wait to see you
R: Can’t wait to see my pumpkins! I love you
K: yeah well your PUMPKINS love you more
R: impossible

So sweet Maya
Even if people try to write shit about them it will never equal to anything that will diminish their true love story. I know these things because I’m your fairy godmother. It’s going to be OK!

LL: For simply being you and for the sweetness and sunshine you bring into the Land of Hate, I would follow you. TMM

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They hate you coz they ain’t you. And we love you coz you are you. #Stunning #KristenStewart

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Kristen covers Elle’s September Issue - sneak peek


Kristen covers Elle’s September Issue – sneak peek

image host image host image host image host image host

For the September issue, ELLE took over Fields Market in West Hills, California, turning aisles of organic produce, tuna cans, and soda into an everyday-glam backdrop for Kristen Stewart’s cover shoot. At once the ultimate tough girl and the vulnerable everygirl, Stewart has been bringing emotional, undeniably real characters to the big screen for more than a decade. She has millions of…

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Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson at the Q&A event in London

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New #OneOfTheGuys video pic 

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