“He has this gorgeous face & seems like he’s going to be very remote & serious but he’s not. He’s incredibly chatty, fun & smart.” Julianne Moore talking about Rob.

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Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair France, September 2014

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First Clip from Still Alice

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A Couple That Stays Together, Mirrors Each Other

Fudging obvious, man! <3 <3 <3 #Loveispowerful #RobAndKristen #Robsten

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Anonymous said: OK. Call me deluded, but Kristen's abdomen looks so weird in that clip from Still Alice. She looks like she has a stiff board stuffed up the front of her sweatshirt. What a clever way to hide a bump whilst filming in windy conditions! Plus, I have never seen Kristen walk like that before - like she has a football stuck between her legs or something. Looks like classic pg woman's waddle to me. LoL!


Lol… We got tons of pix the day they filmed that scene..we didn’t see any wardrobe issues(boards) but her walk does seem unique..lol

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Miss your musk

Dear Maya
Lots of zipping going on this week!
One zip lined & the other zipped in & out of Toronto. The latter posed with fans & signed their pics. I love how he signed a pic with one of his favorite girls in it! Can’t you just pic his face light up when he saw that?

R: hi loves! Proud of me making it down the carpet without texting you this time? Believe me. I wanted to.

K: I’m always proud of you & I loved the “hair sign” again. Do you even know how much you touch your hair?

R: not as much as I love touching YOU! People commenting on my longer hair but can’t do the “hair sign” if I don’t have any.

K: you looked great baby. Apparently you smelled great too!! Haha!! I miss your musk dude

R: oh yeah? I miss your musk more even tho you stole my clothes. Again.

K: yeah really that happens when you leave your clothes. Again. I know you like the Heiney socks! Did you like the zip lining?

R: I know I like unzipping you to see that sexy heiney my beautiful adventurous girl


R: You know you love that track

K: Yeah I sorta do.

R: SORTA? you don’t act like sorta.
As I recall you act like you like it a LOTTA

K: yeah you can remind me how much when you see me ok? Smiling!
I whole LOTTA love you dude

R: oh yeah? Well I whole LOTTA love you more. I sorta crazy love you and I miss you like crazy. Smiling back!

K: Well I whole LOTTA crazy miss you more.

So sweet Maya,
Lotta stuff going on but it’s all good stuff! It’s going to be OK.

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"My dream is to go back to being a waiter.”

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Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg Hug it out @ MTTS AfterParty

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More pics of Julianne and Kristen on set, March 21st

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My lov… my real life"
“Kristen and I have a deep connection”
“Me and Rob”
“Nobody knows wtf is going on
Robsten 2014 (via sweetgirlstew)
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