Anonymous said: K/nic rpf please. Ship them. And how R partying almost every night with random girls, his "producers" friends and druggies(bet he is one, have you seen him lately:( ?) I'm sad


We’re sad for you.  Sucks you have so much extra time on your hands that you feel like you have to stuff our ask box with this bullshit.


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Anonymous said: Hi, for the 'anonymous' saying that Rob could not merrid Kristen because he doesn't have the American Citizen and vice versa.Well Anonymous you are the dumm a$$! I'm Italian my husband is American we got married, no need to be an American Citizen!!!


Ha ha. I think the anon that wrote that was having a brain fart. Yes he can and did marry her. No American citizenship needed.

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Ice is cold - you’re hot!

Dear Maya
Brrrr! How too cute are they?? He was adorable. She was a total badass. A perfect blend. It was so “them” just as it should be & why they are so much fun!

R: Hey my beautiful snow cone!

K: Yeah I felt like a fucking snow cone in that bucket of ice.

R: In that ruffled dress you look like quite the delectable blue snow cone.
You know I love eating snow cones.

K: HAHA yeah right & when’s the last time you even had a snow cone?

R: last week. I love licking them slowly
K: you are the only person I know who could make eating a snow cone sound perverted

R: can’t help it honey. You’re hot

K: and you’re a wuss! I stuck my head in a fucking bucket. Sauce pan? Seriously?

R: hey but remember I got a hose too A big one

K: yeah I remember your big hose. It’s hot too!

R: Who’s the pervert now? Sounds like somebody had too much sake. By the way stick to acting because you’re a dreadful aim

K:shut up! Should’ve filled that cup with sake.Would’ve been easier to throw

R: by the way your interviews seem to fair better than mine. “Fuck it’s so good it’s like a drug?” Was that was about me!!! ????

K: duh dude. guess you’re my own personal brand of heroin. You make me high

R: I like you being high on me. You make my hose high

K: that’s all you think about. A statement. Not a question.

R: it’s the way you look at me. Like being pummeled with ice. You take my breath away

K: I thought you said I was hot. Looking good in NY by the way. Say hey to everybody but I miss you & your smile

R: I’ll be back soon you won’t have time to miss me

K: wrong. Always miss you. I love you baby.

R : Yeah I love my baby too!! AND I love YOU and miss you more

K : I’ve been loving you all along! It’s always been you

R: I know.
R: But I’ve been loving you longer

So sweet Maya.
They took on the ice bucket challenge in their own way and doing things their own way is what they’ve been doing all along and why it was perfect. It’s going to be OK

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and there will be us: loving you, no matter what

(pics not mine, full credtis to the owner)

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Anonymous said: take this people Kristen is the best of best today, tomorrow and forever in talent and beauty i believe with all my heart


I agree! I will quote Bruce Dern…”she’s a one of a kinder.”

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Rob in NY last night, 08/23 x x

Rob in NY last night, 08/23 x x

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ELLE France September 2014

ELLE: What did you discover by working with each other?
KRISTEN: Juliette reveals to others their own talent. It’s disarming. You can’t fake it with her. You can’t lie to her. This sincerity is the most beautiful gift that you can give to another actor. More than anyone else, she made me think.
JULIETTE: Kristen is not afraid of her grey areas. During every take, she’s like an animal on the look-out that wants to know what’s hidden behind the door. She barely needs any time to remember her lines and she throws herself with confidence into the scene. It’s paradoxical: It’s like she’s hanging from the summit of a hill, and is totally at ease. And Kristen writes poetry.

ELLE: Is it true?
KRISTEN: Yes. In fact, I think we should all do a collective reading to finish the interview! Juliette had an extraordinary assistant on set. One morning, right before the shoot, all three of us, we acted crazy in the Alpes. We were dancing like cats, we were singing. Ten minutes before hearing “Action!”, we had a blast. (translation itsoktobeyou x)

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#LOVE ;)

#LOVE ;)

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Great Manip by Betty Cullen……..



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Jenny Lewis Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge From Kristen Stewart………

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fav hairstyles
↳ Kristen Stewart

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